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How to clean wood floors

&Nbsp;   now, many families are covered with wooden floors. Due to the expensive wooden flooring, how to clean, maintain, it makes you care most about.
&Nbsp;   Beijing indoor decorative Association Environmental Committee Zhang align Director on reporter said, clean wood floor, maximum of taboo is directly with wet MOP wipe to, now market Shang has many for wood floor development of clean agent, can directly used to clean floor, without again flush, not only can makes floor keep original of texture and natural primary colors, also can prevention floor cracked, and using Hou no odor, and no sticky greasy sense.
&Nbsp;   When cleaning wood floors, first dust on the surface of the floor with a MOP to remove, and then follow the instructions the ratio of cleansers and the degree of dirt of the floor, in a bucket of water to dilute the right amount, and wet MOP, dragged from the direction of the room towards the door. But be careful and try to wring the MOP, in order to prevent excessive moisture penetrate into the wood flooring inside, cause mildew and rot. If you encounter such as floor or wall is not easy to clean up the place, you can use an old toothbrush dipped directly floor cleaner scrub, cleanser can also be down on the cloth to wipe the surface. However, some floor cleaner in the high concentration of surfactant, dragged after the finish, half wet ground could be more accessible from dust. Therefore, the best choice for high quality floor cleaning products.
&Nbsp;   If you want to keep the floor shine bright, after using the floor cleaner, and a layer of the wood floor wax. But be sure to completely dry the floor before waxing to avoid wax layer is not fully attached, and 1.1-white spot appears on the floor. BACK