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Wood floor cleaning tips

&Nbsp;   solid wood floors: floor with a piece of soft cloth to clean the solid wood furniture wax itself is Miss Johnson of home decoration materials. Regular maintenance has been very complicated, busy year after year more to care.
&Nbsp;   paving in the light of the bedroom solid wood flooring should be careful to avoid using sharp objects, scratch hard objects, be careful not to use easy to damage the film's hard or tool to scrape the stain floor surface is not easy to clear. Rough and heavy, as well as items of high hardness, cannot be placed in the drag on the wooden floor. When placing tables and chairs, preferably located in the protective pad on the pad. Moisture-proof base to be in front of the floor installation do not use water when high rates of plywood and timber, and to put in some good damp proof course. Daily cleaning in the process, not the best wet MOP the floor. If you accidentally spilled water, wipe with a soft cloth in a timely manner, and keep dry.
&Nbsp;   new year, friends and relatives such as cloud, naughty kids scatter easily spilt drinks on the floor is often the problem. If it is a water soluble substances left by dirt, wipe the dust, and then with a soft cloth dipped in rice water or orange water to clean, you can remove the dirt. If it is a potion or spilled paint on the floor, you must stain did not penetrate the wood surface should be cleared before, free soft cloth impregnated with furniture wax. If the floor surface is burnt by cigarette, dampened with furniture wax with a soft cloth to clean may restore the light. BACK