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Different cleaning methods for different floors

&Nbsp;   "dirty House is always so fast, a one week health feels tough. On the floor, a few grains of rice fell on the tile, and keep you busy for a while. "Housewives Xiaolan feeling is representative. Yes, housework, mopping the floor, wiping tables, deceptively simple work, but sometimes also contains some tips and rules, have a good command of the road doing these live to not only increase efficiency, but also can extend the service life of floor it.??? Floor cleaning, which can take the road? We invite the homemaking expert Zheng Xuejuan---windmills, Jinhua city home to tell everyone.
&Nbsp;   method of cleaning different flooring wood flooring wood floors daily cleaner using vacuum cleaner, try not to wipe with a damp MOP directly to note here, such as wet wipe, to wring MOP. In accordance with the degree of dirt, use a soft cloth dipped in deployment of a good, the right amount of detergent or SOAP flakes dilution liquid cleaner, keep the floor moist texture and the natural color of the original.
&Nbsp;   should be aware of is that in order to avoid excessive moisture penetrate into the wood flooring inside, causing mildew rot, when using the floor cleaner, you want to wring the MOP. If you corner or floor where more difficult to clean up, such as, you can directly touch the floor cleaner scrub with old toothbrush difficult to wash obstinately is filthy, you can also pour floor cleaner directly on the cloth, wipe, wipe again with clean water.
&Nbsp;   If want to avoid floor trampled wear stay perfect glossy floors after cleaning and then a layer of the wood floor wax maintenance agent. But be sure to completely dry the floor again to avoid wax layer is not fully attached to the wooden floor, instead of the floor appears a little bit of white markings. BACK