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Floor cleaning cleaning tips

&Nbsp;   whether in living rooms or bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen floor, clean bright or not, the room as a whole feels absolutely direct influence; the regular cleaning and maintenance, to prevent wear of the floor surface under long-term use of opportunities to extend the service life. Now there are many different flooring, such as floor tiles, wood flooring, plastic flooring, marble, terrazzo flooring and carpet specially developed floor carpet cleaner, simply MOP the floor, don't rinse can make the floor feel brand new. Basically as long as the note the following points when cleaning, you can easily get.
&Nbsp;   1. removal foreign body, remove the dust. Regardless of the material and the floor, cleaned before going to pick up foreign objects such as toys, buttons, and then with a broom or MOP, vacuum cleaners, dust paper, below the floor surface, furniture, corner of dust, hair removed, Spider Web, especially to the outside of the porch and the entrance, most of the dirty dust here is coming from. (Olymcn tips note the eye) 2. General cleaning and maintenance of the floor. According to the flooring material, choose the appropriate floor cleaner before use, in accordance with the degree of dirt, diluted within the appropriate floor cleaner into the bucket, MOP MOP from room to the door. If you corner or floor where more difficult to clean up, such as, you can directly touch the floor cleaner scrub with old toothbrush difficult to wash obstinately is filthy, you can also pour floor cleaner directly on the cloth, wipe, then rinse. However, some floor cleaner in the high concentration of surfactant, dragged after the finish, half wet ground could be more accessible from dust, and more get more dirty, so pay special attention to select the product that has a good reputation. If you want the grinding stones or marble floor after a clean, shiny effect with a bare stage, may wish to use a floor cleaner with water wax formula polishes, as long as you can let it air dry after use.
&Nbsp;   3. lignin floor clean maintenance. Prohibited cleans with a damp MOP directly, you should use special cleaner to clean wood flooring, floor remain moist texture and natural colors, and can prevent the wood shack. Note that in order to avoid excessive moisture can penetrate into the wood flooring inside, resulting in mouldy, rotten situation, when using the floor cleaner, you should try to wring the MOP. If the surface without polishing treatment, should not touch the water, preferably in inconspicuous places try, sure no problem, large-area use. If you want to avoid the floor long trampled wear, always shine bright, after cleaning the floor, then a layer of the wood floor wax maintenance agent. However, be aware, be sure to completely dry the floor before waxing, so as not to wax layer is not fully attached to the wooden floor. 1.1 blaze occurred instead of the floor. And best use plane sponge MOP, to avoid the General mops cotton with the agent remains on the floor.
&Nbsp;   4. carpet cleaning and maintenance. Even vacuuming the carpet, will Stampede for a long time, the liquid wet and humid climate, and prone to contamination or lice, at this time, can be used with carpet cleaning agents for cleaning and maintenance. Before use, it is best to open the window to avoid the smell of detergent stuck inside the House. Basically, use carpet cleaner is very convenient, just spray the cleaner on the carpet surface. But don't get too wet, so as not to wet the backing, carpet is difficult to dry and fade. After the separation of dirt from carpet, come out of the carpet is now a little bit of white cotton, then use the vacuum cleaner in General in addition to isolate, obviating the need to rinse. If you want to remove residual oil must be used with water cold water, hot water will only make the stain to expand, self-defeating. Fluff the carpet was flattened by furniture, prior to washing, using the edge of the coin slowly, or wet towels folded twice, covered in the press, and then, with slightly hot slow steam-iron flat hair, make it up. BACK