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Kitchen appliance cleaning and maintenance

&Nbsp;   in the kitchen is the room most likely dirty places, and most of the oil, and more difficult to clean, here are a few different kitchen appliances, decontamination method, you can try.
&Nbsp;   when the accumulation of grease on the wood in the kitchen, use bleach add water to thin the oil surface, rinse with clean water the next day. Can also try add some vinegar water to clean wood furniture, which is suitable for oil-less wood. When aluminum pots and scales available cuttlefish bone lightly, you can look brand new.
&Nbsp;   brush dipped in a little toothpaste enamel ware vintage scale wipe, the effect is very good.
&Nbsp;   plated faucets so time will turn black and dull, with SOAP, detergent, wipe is not ideal, the best way is to use a little flour on a dry cloth, repeatedly wiping the faucet, then wipe with a damp cloth, finally and then wipe with a dry cloth, taps can be bright as new.
&Nbsp;   kitchen knife rusts, potato or carrot pieces a little sand scrub, rust can be removed.
&Nbsp;   gas stove surface oil, after cooking the remaining soup over the surface, then wipe with a cloth, then rinse with water.
&Nbsp;   oil stain on the kitchen floor, wine a little vinegar in the MOP to clean, the effect is good.
&Nbsp;   maintenance of door: clean, clean, keep the doors dry. Glossy fine texture you want to use a clean cloth to wipe the door panels. Solid wood door best clean with furniture wax. Crystal door wipe clean flannel classes available, or gently wipe with a dry cloth. Paint door with thin clean cloth moistened with a mild cleaning solution to clean, to avoid sharp contact leave scratches.
&Nbsp;   maintenance of the sink: use neutral detergent, wash cotton. When stainless steel water tank if water spots, you can scrub with scouring powder or melons cloth. Enamel sink to avoid the blows hurt surfaces or sharp objects. BACK