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Cleaning porcelain smile

&Nbsp;   porcelain before you start cleaning, be sure to put China in not easy to crash, better to use a plastic basin cleaning, do not use porcelain and metal pots to avoid porcelain injured.
&Nbsp;   do not take when cleaning porcelain painting recovered items directly with the chemical properties of water, stains, rust can be soaked in alkaline solution such as 84 disinfection solution, depending on the stains to determine concentration and time. Acid-base properties of different stains vary in liquid immersion, alkaline stains soak of vinegar and oxalic acid, gel stains soaked in xylene. After soaking rinse again, until the stains out. Such as cleaning of porcelain pieces, or punching, crack, dirt embedded very deep, dipped my head, used tissue paper dipped in weak nitric acid, or 84 disinfection liquid attached to the crack, stains can also be removed. Some porcelain table too long because of flooding, rust stuck on it cannot be dropped, this acidic liquid-immersed for a few days, and then brush away dirt with a brush.
&Nbsp;   need watch of is, early of original porcelain due to tire quality poor, enamel not uniform, or some porcelain enamel within by containing components of a or several occurred has crystal role or deposition role, Silicon soil deposition to must degree, glaze will into white, or will to a not transparent film of form cover has pottery body Shang of color and ornaments lines, encountered this situation, available 1% of hydrofluoric acid for local of smear, each coated a few minutes Bell, coated Hou with distilled water flush off acid marks, Then using a fine Emery paper carefully polished, restore its transparency as much as possible, show decoration under the glaze. BACK