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Automobile glass cleaning maintenance comprehensive code

&Nbsp;   high quality automotive windshield cleaning agent consists of water, alcohol and a variety of surfactants, lubricants, corrosion inhibitor. Windshield cleaning agents, commonly known as water glass, is in line with the windshield wiper combo cleaning the windscreen surface dirt and Lac, which mainly provides the following features:
    1. Cleaning performance: the window NET is becomes by the many kinds of surface-active agents and additives ... Surfactants typically have features such as wetting, penetration, solubility, so as to wash decontamination function.
    2. Anti-freeze performance: the presence of alcohol, antifreeze ingredients, can significantly reduce the freezing point of the liquid, which plays the role of antifreeze, quickly dissolving frost.
    3. Antistatic properties: window NET after cleaning substances adsorbed on the surface of glass, charges can remove the glass surface, antistatic properties.
    4. Lubrication: window containing lubricant, viscosity, lubricant, reducing friction between the wiper and the glass to prevent scratches.
    5. Anti-corrosion performance: net containing a variety of inhibitors in the window, there is no corrosive effects of various metals, automotive finishes, rubber, is absolutely safe.
&Nbsp;   wall Hi world environmental Windows NET this a products not only completely has above function, and unique anti-glare light and repair wind glass surface subtle designated marks of role, addition the products belongs to environmental type products, not containing methanol and the formaldehyde of content. methanol and called wood alcohol, and wood alcohol, can through respiratory, and skin and gastrointestinal road absorption, in human within has obviously of savings role, injury nervous system, and Visual system, and Digestive system and so on. methanol gas will cause serious pollution to the surrounding environment and, therefore, wall Kiyo in terms of product design is particularly concerned about the health and environmental protection on the one hand, avoid adding toxic substances in their products, so as to avoid damage and pollution of the environment on the human body. BACK