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Knowledge of bronze statues of cleaning

&Nbsp;   in line with the Museum's arrangement, Sichuan provincial cultural relics protection laboratory in December 2001 to March 2002, the collection a gilt bronze statue of was cleaned.
&Nbsp;   Buddha statue cast bronze, the Qing dynasty, high 16.7cm, before cleaning the surface is covered with dirt, but still can see, apart from the hair, body gold. Gold and Bronze matrix connection is better, but in the hands, feet, nose, knee and other prominent sites, gilt wear off serious, back, arms and other flat parts, gilt also fall off, and have obvious scratches. Buddha covered in dirt, mostly oil-adsorption dust and fell in soft dirt, in the gilt off bad areas with green or purplish red patina. In view of the preservation of the statues is not optimistic, in order to avoid the cleaning process, damage the gilt and Bronze matrix, select the security and stability of the cleaning agent.
&Nbsp;   through literature, and laboratory testing, we chose alcohol with little corrosion on bronze, bronze statues of the main cleaning agent, for topical difficult rust, with complexing ability of nitrilotriacetic acid, combined with manual mechanical methods, for cleaning. Cleaning with 60% ethanol aqueous solution, adjust PH to alkaline, because its main ingredient is ethanol, so Buddha dirt on the surface of the main softens the effect of dissolution, under alkaline conditions, can soften the gilt patina of the surface dissolves. Then, absorbent, softening the surface dissolves the dirt carefully rubbed off.
&Nbsp;   concrete operation process is that soaking wet cotton wool with a 60% ethanol-water solution and apply it to the dirt surface, waiting for them to soften, and then with a clean absorbent cotton impregnated with 60% ethanol gently wipe the surface of the statues, a thick rust layer, many times repeatedly, until dirt is washed up. Most of the dirt with this method, have the desired effect, but with a small amount of a hard layer of rust, 5% nitrilotriacetic acid chelating complex available, the operation process with ammonia and alcohol the same. Local hard and thick stainless steel shell, first use rhino horn picking knife, gently scrape rust on the surface of the shell, and cleaning agents for cleaning.
&Nbsp;   after nearly four months of cleaning, statues have been restored to their original appearance. After cleaning, Buddha gold layer on the surface of the injury situation at a glance, but is still difficult to mask its ornate, dignified, solemn air. Buddha's head, hair pigment completely covered by dirt, has been hard to tell, in order to avoid in the process of cleaning, damage the hair pigment, causing discoloration, in pigment composition and protection you want processed, any further cleaning. Bun on top of gold, much of it has come off, revealing the bronze base, and in the process of long-term preservation, has formed a stable layer of corrosion products, it would also not do treatment. BACK