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Cabinet care cleaning tips

&Nbsp;   when he saw the beautiful cabinets in use for some time after an "unrecognizable" when you are cooking a good mood? Here are a few cabinets of daily maintenance and cleaning tips for your reference.
&Nbsp;   table maintenance articles: no matter what kind of material are afraid of high temperature erosion, should be taken to avoid the hot frying pan and kettle directly in contact with the Cabinet, the best placed on the pot rack operation should avoid using sharp objects struck area, door to avoid scratches. Should in chopping block Shang cut dish, and cuisine food, except can avoid left marks zhiwai, also more easy do clean health; General material of table, are has bubble and gap, if colored liquid penetration which, on will left stains or color, so should avoid dye or dye sent agent directly placed table Shang; chemical material on many material of table has erosion role, for example, stainless steel table dip to salt on has may rust, so usually also should note avoid will soy sauce bottle, items directly put in table Shang ; Artificial plywood Cabinet should avoid water stains remain on the table for a long time.
&Nbsp;   clean: Cabinet surface artificial stone, laminate, stainless steel, natural stone, wood and other materials, different materials have different cleaning methods.
&Nbsp;   artificial stone and stainless steel material of Cabinet avoid with hard quality hundred clean cloth, and wire ball, and chemical preparations wipe or steel brush withstand, to with soft towel, and soft hundred clean cloth with water wipe or with light agent wipe, or on will caused scraping marks or erosion; fire Board material of cabinet can using household clean agent, with nylon brush or nylon ball wipe, again with hot and humid cloth towel wipe; natural stone table should be with soft hundred clean cloth, cannot with toluene class clean agent wipe, or to clear spent blaze. Clear scale Shi, cannot using acid strong of clean toilet powder, and diluted hydrochloric acid,, or will damaged glaze surface, makes its lost gloss; if Cabinet is logs material of, should first with Duster put dust clear clean, again to dry cloth or with logs maintenance dedicated emulsion to wipe, do not using wet rag and the oil class clean products; washing basin or gas furnace, table should avoid percussion or impact, two block table phase at should avoid water of long-term soaking.

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