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Sofa cleaning

Sofa cleaning
&Nbsp;   includes a variety of leather, wool, chemical fiber quality sofas, carpets, tapestries, carpets, decorative carpet cleaning carpet specifications and operation:
&Nbsp;   carpet steam sauna, multi-function machine cleaning machine, vacuums absorbing water machine, disinfection, decontamination agents for carpets with special steam to kill mites, sterilization, foam cleaning and decontamination, vacuums absorbing water machine, drying, combing, and finally sprayed antifouling agent, the carpet waterproofing membrane on the surface, to waterproof and dustproof effect.
&Nbsp;   use of tools and materials, chemical fiber carpets-cleaning-water wash (can be suitable for a variety of carpet cleaning) use of equipment: carpet brush, sprayers, water machines, carpet cleaning machine.
&Nbsp;   agent: carpet shampoo.
&Nbsp;   carpet cleaning method:
&Nbsp;   1, use a vacuum cleaner full dust 2, diluted detergent, can also be injected into water tank 3, full spray cleaner on the carpet after 4, 10-15 min, stain out of the fiber 5, wash in washing machine, part of operation walk backwards so that each action row overlap, at least after two wash

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