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Stone care project

Stone care project
&Nbsp;   i. classification | Shanghai stone stone renovation of natural stone products in China has a long history, rich Chinese stone renovation of Shanghai, variety. Because stone is a variety of different mineral content, stone presents countless colors and gorgeous, bright luster. So loved by people, is the high ideals of modern architecture decorative materials. According to stone's hardness, gloss and surface pattern structure and other characteristics, the stone can be divided into two types of granite and marble.
    1 . Granite | granite stone renovation of Shanghai, also known as granite, composed mainly of quartz, biotite, hornblende and feldspar and other substances. Chemical composition: SiO2 content, other oxides include Al2O3, Fe2O3, FeO, CaO, MgO, and Na2O. Few varieties containing K2O, TiO2, hard, corrosion-resistant, acid-base, polished weathering resistance, gloss sustainable. granite shows that feature: Crystal structure of spotty. hardness (MO) 5-7, degree of gloss can reach 80-100.
&Nbsp;   2. marble | Shanghai stone refurbished marble and said cloud stone, is a by limestone, dolomite, calcite, metamorphic and said of Crystal rock, organization fine, chemical components to CaCO3 and MgCO3 mainly, other oxide has: Al2O3,Na2O. and the trace SiO2. marble surface features often is block long stripes structure, hardness for mo type 3-5 and the, HS45-70 degrees, more easy weathered.
&Nbsp;   II. Stone damage causes 1. natural weathering due to acid-base rot in the air, rain and ultraviolet rays of the Sun, after a period of time the natural oxidation damage, its surface tarnish, seriously, fading, off. BACK