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After decorating the cleaning engineering

After decorating the cleaning engineering
&Nbsp;   wasteland is clean engineering of first, due to construction in the often will legacy Xia many garbage dirt, various ground stone, wall Shang will legacy water mud block, and paint, and glass rubber, and water dirt, and rust track,, these are must in wasteland work in the cleaning clean, so it is a items most hard, and most complex, and most trouble of work, wasteland engineering of bad, directly effect to future cleaning work of quality and grade, so do wasteland cleaning has quite important of requirements.
&Nbsp;   procedure is as follows:
&Nbsp;   1, and first cleanup site left of decoration garbage; 2, and by Shang to Xia full sucking dust; 3, and wipe glass: first with towel put glass box wipe clean, again with coated water device dip diluted Hou of glass water solution, uniform of from Shang to Xia smear glass, has stubborn of stains with shovel knife clear clean, again repeat above process Hou with scraping child from Shang to Xia scraping clean, with dry towel wipe NET box Shang left of water marks, glass Shang of water marks with machine skin wipe clean.
&Nbsp;   4, and bathroom: insisted by Shang and Xia of principles, first recognize bathroom Ding Zi of material, is PVC of or aluminum plastic Board also is paint of, again according to different of material with different of clean method for clean; with clean ball or scrub brush cleaning bathroom of wall, focuses on tile of gap, and tile surface Shang legacy of rubber track, and paint points, and cement stains,; with towel clean health between of ware, with stainless steel cleaning liquid for various leading, and fittings for clean Used washing machine on the ground for the final cleaning, which is the corner of the ground, clean ball and blade on the washing machine to wash targeted to the corner of decontamination, remove cement stains and, finally, after the check is complete, turn the tap fittings with a dry towel to wipe it again.

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