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House cleaning of common sense

&Nbsp;   wipe the furniture you should use cotton yarn, soft cloth to wipe, do not scrub with water, let alone with SOAP and water or soda, it will affect the furniture surface finish, or even paint loss.
&Nbsp;   open water when the hot white stains on furniture paint mask, two very hot mark. (1) available kerosene solvent to wipe the toilet water or alcohol:
&Nbsp;   (2) Cork wipe dipped in tea.
&Nbsp;   furniture easy way to restore luster: adding a little vinegar in hot water, and then gently wipe with a soft cloth dipped in vinegar water. Water completely dry and then use furniture Polish to Polish to restore gloss. Beautiful white furniture for a long time, it will turn yellow, too beautiful, if you use toothpaste to clean, it will change. But not too hard, otherwise it will damage the paint film.
&Nbsp;   clear furniture with milk odor. Place a cup of boiled milk home-furniture (cupboards), doors close, be the milk cools out, furniture of the original odor will disappear.
&Nbsp;   furniture children scribbling with crayons in a mess, how to remove crayon marks? Just wipe clean with a soft cloth with tooth paste and slowly, it can be removed.
&Nbsp;   drip a few drops of Glycerin in water from washing the furniture can be washed clean.
&Nbsp;   store little bits and pieces of the drawer, cleaned up awkward, and one by one out of every wipe. In fact, if you put the vacuum cleaner suction plastic screens or gauze covered, and then directly into the dust in a drawer, you can greatly simplify the cumbersome process of more than BACK