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Ten glossy of household cleaning tips

&Nbsp;   1--wipe with a egg white soiled leather sofas available a clean piece of cloth dipped in egg white wipe stain can be removed, and make leather shiny as new.
&Nbsp;   2--General dirt using toothpaste to clean the refrigerator refrigerator shell casing, use a soft cloth dampened with a little toothpaste to slowly wipe. If the stain is stubborn, can squeeze some toothpaste, wipe clean with a cloth again and again. Refrigerator will restore clean. Because toothpaste contains abrasives, detergency is very strong.
&Nbsp;   3--dipped in milk to clean wooden furniture take a clean piece of cloth to drink the milk dip it expires, then use the cloth to wipe the table, wooden furniture such as cabinets, decontamination works very well, and then wipe again with clean water. Painted furniture stained with dust, damp gauze-wrapped tea leaves to wipe, or scrubbing with cold tea, more bright and clean bright. BACK