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Detergent use

&Nbsp;   1 acid cleaning agents containing acids, such as hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, acetic acid and other organic acids, concentrations of acidic.
&Nbsp;   This type of cleaner is acid-base neutralization came clean items (containing concentrated sulphuric acid). So in theory all alkaline stains or alkaline nature of things are available for acid detergent (such as stone, magnesium link land surface, building envelopes, tea stains, coffee stains, etc). Acidic cleaning agents is another characteristic of oxide can be restored, it is used for rust, salt, cleaning air conditioner evaporator and condenser.
&Nbsp;   2 alkaline detergents containing potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide or other bases, use concentration of alkaline.
&Nbsp;   theory is also using its acid-base neutralization. So all the acid stain or with acidic substances can neutralize alkaline cleaning agent used. Another characteristic of alkaline detergents are when mixed with oil, oil does not dissolve in water can be turned into half substances soluble in water (OPAL). Therefore used oils cleansers are alkaline. Soda (potassium hydroxide) more active, so is used for wax. Alkaline cleaners wide range of uses, from the oil industry to carbon (such as heavy machinery, oil carbon, restaurant kitchen cleaner) to clean furniture, glass, floors, appliances and so on can be used. BACK