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Six carpet cleaning, carpet care tips

&Nbsp;   1. light, avoid strong direct sunlight to avoid carpet ageing fades; 2. pollution prevention, used in the process not smeary, acidic substances such as pollution, should immediately with high quality carpet cleaning cream erasure ; 3. to dust, carpet of surface layer fiber within, easy accumulation dust, should often with vacuum cleaner along Shun hair direction clean; 4. Prevention pour hair; as carpet appeared pour hair, with clean towel soaked hot wipe, and comb Combs Shun straight, with irons pad wet bushunmao ironing, can recovery undisturbed; 5. anti-concentrated points pressure, in using in the, in furniture of leg contact carpet at, should placed pad layer or often moved for furniture; 6. has carpet of room should note ventilation, and moisture, so as not to carpet occurred insect borers, and mildew. BACK