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Glass cleaning steps

&Nbsp;   1, half wet wipe glass cleaning cloth from the mirror at one end to the other, the direction from top to bottom, from left to right (removing dust) 2, with a clean, dry cloth to clean the mirror until shiny. (Check the dirt patches to ensure they no longer remain) 3, need to focus on cleaning surface.
&Nbsp;   4, wipe with a glass cleaning agent from one side of the mirror to the other, up and down, left to clean the brush until the coverage for all so far.
&Nbsp;   5, spraying at the Central mirror glass detergents, spray only once. (Easy cleaning) 6, clean the mirror until the luminous shine.
&Nbsp;   7, from the side of the mirror to look in the mirror, satisfied with the cleaning of public prosecutions and, if necessary, focused on wiping it all over again.

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