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About Us

speed up cleaning services limited approval of the Chengdu municipal government in Chengdu, business register establishment of a professional and environmentally friendly cleaning products company. Company has strong of technology power and funds strength, not only for Chengdu city 60% professional clean company provides professional clean equipment, and Chengdu cleaning, and Chengdu cleaning company, and Chengdu cleaning, and Chengdu cleaning company, and Chengdu carpet cleaning, and Chengdu stone refurbished, and Chengdu stone conservation, and Chengdu smoke road cleaning, and Chengdu outside wall cleaning, and Chengdu tank cleaning, and Chengdu wasteland cleaning company, and Chengdu advertising brand cleaning, and Chengdu carpet cleaning company, and Chengdu outside wall cleaning company, and Chengdu smoke road cleaning company, and clean material and the after-sales service.

speed up clean the chain was founded in 2000 in Chengdu, Sichuan province, after more than 10 years of development is currently in Changzhou, Hefei, Chongqing Branch Office was opened. Speed up cleaning chain employs more than 1200 people train professional services, is a complete entity company has the strength to undertake projects of all sizes, speed up will provide you with one-stop service, you can rest assured that choice!
the company is mainly engaged in the project construction cleaning, home cleaning, wall cleaning, carpet cleaning, conservation of stone material renovates, floor waxes, forklift, moving plants, steam cranes, air conditioning move plus the repair, cleaning equipment rental, and so on. We are doing is low-end industries without distinction, but we have the high-end service out "speed of service" of the brand. Your choice makes us feel pleasure!
speed up staff to support our new and old customers to express my heartfelt thanks. I believe that as long as we "in accordance with the law, system management, affordable, honest service" speed up tomorrow will be more customers trust and recognition.
we have always believed that staff is the source of the company, the company is the source of customers, while the speed of each and every customer is our boss, has been recognized by so many bosses today has good speed up the development of the company.

company is equipped with the most advanced cleaning machines and equipment, using modern eco-friendly cleaning technology for the property sector to provide universal quality cleaning service. Business:

sale of cleaning machines series a, product: cleaning vacuums absorbing water machine high speed polishing machine series strong floor dryer series cleaning machines for carpet cleaning machine imported three-speed hair dryer cleaning supplies series: floor cleaning tool series series series series glass cleaning tool to clean the ground sign series.

b, hotel supplies series: housekeeping bathroom cleaning products hotel lobby, dining room supplies series.

washing supplies, hotel supplies series c series: kitchen cleaner laundry detergent series.